The Basics Of Stance And Throw In Darts

Darts is an amazing pastime and a great game to enjoy with your friends and family. It becomes even more enjoyable when you can hit the bullseye consistently. It takes a lot of practice but practising it in the wrong way is useless. You must know these basic rules of stance and throw in the darts game:

Get your grip right

First, you need to discover your right grip and develop it. Your grip should be firm enough to throw the dart right but do not hold it too tightly or you will find it difficult to throw it. Like your grip, your stance must also be firm yet relaxed.

Rely on your dominant side

You need to set your dominant eye and hand in a line to aim the dart to the target. Make sure to eliminate sideways movement of your arm while throwing the dart for decreasing errors and concentrate on the bullseye.

Distribute your weight

You should put more of your weight on the forward foot while the rear foot holds enough weight to balance your stance thoroughly. Keep in mind that you will have to keep your posture very firm, so it remains unshakable. Make sure that your forward foot remains on the floor constantly.

Lean your body forward

The farther you lean towards the dartboard; your posture gets more unbalanced and throwing the dart becomes more physically challenging. On the contrary, the more a player leans forward, the closer he is to hit the target. However, if you bend too much, then it will cause back strains eventually. After practising for a long time, you can eventually discover your own best position to throw the dart.

Always keep your balance

You need to stand firm on your two feet to keep your balance. If you lift your leg while throwing the dart, then it will get you imbalanced. Thus, your throw will be affected, and the dirt will go in the wrong direction. So, do not move and keep your body still during a throw.

Get your stance right and hit the bullseye!